The NEW World Am App Now Available

The 34th annual Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is rolling out a new app that will, among other event-enhancing features, allow players to participate in live scoring in all tournament rounds.

The app, which is available for download via iTunes (download) and the Google Play store (download), is already populated with the nightly 19th Hole menus, a list of gift bags items and videos, among other information, making it the best way to follow the tournament.

The most exciting new feature will be the live scoring component, letting players enter their hole-by-hole scores throughout each round. Live scoring will allow family members and friends to track the play of their favorite World Am player throughout the 72-hole event. The more people who engage with the live scoring, the better it will work.

Among the other features offered on the app are:

Tournament News – The tournament website will be updated multiple times each day during the event with photo galleries, feature stories and more throughout the week, and that news will be fed directly into the app.

Event Schedule: From registration to tee times to the hours of operation for the World’s Largest 19th Hole, the event schedule lets you know everything that is happening and when.

Golf Courses: When players receive course assignments, they will want to immediately head to the golf course tab and start researching the layouts they will be playing.

Accommodations: Any player that hasn’t reserved a room can quickly scan our list of preferred accommodations providers and pick the property that works best for them.

Restaurants: Get a full list of the eateries that will be serving food at the 19th Hole AND a look at the nightly menus!

Prizes: Find out what a top 5 finish in your flight will win you and what this year’s daily flight contest awards will be.

Gift Bag: Take a look at everything you will receive in the typically outstanding gift bag before you arrive.

19th Hole: The World’s Largest 19th Hole is the heartbeat of the event and everything you will want to know about the tournament’s nightly party is here. From celebrity guests and videos to vendors, nightly entertainment and the variety of drinks being served – it’s all there.

Social: We want you to share your World Am experience with the world and include our social channels in the fun. Find out how to connect to the World Am online.

FAQ: You have a question, the app has an answer.

Past Results: Players can view their past results and compare their performance over the years.

As comprehensive as the app already is, there will be more added. As soon as course assignments are completed, they will be added, as will a tab for live scoring.

If you are playing in the World Am, the app is a resource you need to have. If you are curious about the event or just want to follow along, you can experience the tournament vicariously through the app.

Tropical Storm Hermine Forces Cancellation of Flight Winner’s Playoff

World Am TrophyHeavy rain from Tropical Storm Hermine forced the cancellation of the Flight Winner’s Playoff at the 33rd annual Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship on Friday.

Seventy-seven flight winners, including ties, had advanced to the championship playoff at Barefoot Resort’s Dye Course. Tournament organizers altered plans in hopes of getting the round in, having players tee off in an 8 a.m. shotgun start.

“It’s disappointing that we were unable to complete the World Championship Playoff, but overall it was an outstanding week for the tournament,” said Jeff Monday, Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday’s tournament director. “We owed it to our flight winners to give it a go today, but Mother Nature had other ideas. We weren't able to identify a single World Champion, but there were a lot of winners at this year's tournament. We had more than 3,000 people from across the globe competing on Myrtle Beach’s best courses and the World’s Largest 19th Hole was at it’s absolute best.”

“The week was fantastic,” said Max Gregory, who won flight 32 and played in the canceled Flight Winners Playoff. “This morning I went out in the driving rain and parred No. 8. I feel like a winner. I feel like all the [tournament staff] did a great job doing the best they could to to get us out and give us that chance.”

The World Am instituted the Flight Winner’s Playoff in 1986 and this is the first time the round was unable to be completed.

Photo Gallery: Day 4 at the World Am


Photo Gallery: World Am Day 3


Exhibitor Spotlight: ECCO, Club Crown and Golfdotz

The lines weren't reserved for the food and beverage lines at the MyrEccotle Beach World Am's World's Largest 19th Hole this year, there were queues and even the occasional traffic jam found in the 19th Hole's expo area this year. Thanks to the golf apparel, club and accessory companies and retailers that come to Myrtle Beach each year to show off their wares to the 3000+ golfers and their guests each year at the World's Largest 19th Hole Expo.

ECCO Shoes

ECCO claims to make the "World's Most Comfortable Golf Shoe", so The World's Largest 19th Hole is the perfect place to try on a pair. ECCO wants their customers to rely on ECCO to deliver the highest quality standards, a great fit and good-looking shoes at a sensible price. ECCO will always stand for affordable luxury. Many PGA Tour professionals wear ECCO Shoes and now you have the opportunity to experience ECCO.


By popular demand, ClubCrown is back in Myrtle Beach so you can customize your driver. ClubCrown utilizes a revolutionary crown graphic technology to turn the look of your driver, fairway wood, or hybrid into your own custom design. The patented installation process uses high-tech 3M films, heat temperatures of up to 200 degrees, and Knifeless Tape Technology to ensure the highest quality application, all the while maintaining the security and form of your club. Choose from a multitude of designs like college logos, an American flag or even a smiley face. See all the designs at


New to the World Am but popular with professional and amateur players across the globe that choose Golfdotz to add style to their ball of choice. From beginners to tour winners, the love is spreading fast! And no, they don't alter the trajectory of the ball. They add your "personal signature" to your golf ball and are made right here in the USA. Choose from a duck, a lucky shamrock or even a paw print. The colors and designs are unique on these little peel-off decal stickers. They are R&A and USGA conforming and new designs are being released all the time. Visit www.golfdotz.

World Am is a Family Affair for the Swopes’

World Am JaredFor first time, World Am participant, Jared Swopes, it's not only about the golf, it was time for a getaway with the family and the golf is turning out to be a bonus. The Lubbock, Tex. resident had planned on playing in his first World Am last year, but when it didn't materialize, he made sure 2016 would be the year.

"I listen to (Brian) Katrek and (John) Maginnes on (Sirius XM) PGA Tour Radio and they were broadcasting from here, and I had to look into it and now I'm here, and it's awesome," stated Swopes who made the trip from Texas with his wife Megan and his young son, Jameson.

While the World Am is a "Buddy Trip" for many, for Swopes, it's turned into a family vacation. The Swopes have visited the beaches and have been enjoying meeting fellow competitors in the World Am. Swopes says he's lucky that he has the opportunity to play golf on a regular basis and this week he is in Flight 5.

The first day was a little rough as he shot a 91, but the Golf Gods turned a bit kinder on Tuesday as he shot an 83 and was able to calm his nerves a little.

Megan and Jameson on the other hand have been visiting some of the hot spots in town.

Swopes plays out of the Lakeridge Country Club in Lubbock when he isn't running his automatic door company (think revolving doors at hotels and airports). Swopes says his family looks to plan a beach vacation each year that give him the opportunity to play golf. In recent years, they have visited spots in the Caribbean and Mexico, but they say Myrtle Beach ranks right up there when it comes to golf and things to do.

"I thought I was serious about the tournament, until the first day and I saw there players," admitted Swopes. "There are some good players here and I'm just happy I can experience it for myself."

Swopes said he would recommend the "World Am Experience" to his friends back home and he can foresee one of two of those families venturing to Myrtle Beach in the coming years.

"Most of the guys I play with are younger than me and they would love this. They may not know about it now, but they will when I get back."

Key to Marital Bliss: Couple Plays World Am Together

underwoodThe couple that golfs together stays together.

Or, at the very least, it works for Duane and Lisa Wilkins.

The Winter Park, Fl., couple are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week and they annually schedule vacation to coincide with the special occasion.

This year they are doing it at the World Am. Neither Duane or Lisa had heard of the event prior to receiving an email earlier in the year, but knowing they were taking the week off, the golf nuts took the plunge.

After signing up without doing a lot of research, there was some trepidation, but the experience has more than met their expectations.

“It’s awesome,” Lisa said. “The people are so nice and everyone is so friendly.”

“I haven’t met a bad person yet,” Duane said of the tournament.

While some - men and women - go to the course to escape their spouse, Duane and Lisa do the opposite. The couple plays together every week at Eagle Landing Golf Club in Jacksonville.

The result is a happy marriage and two new World Am players.

Happy Anniversary, Duane and Lisa. We hope to see you again next year.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Double Bogey Golf Towel, SuperSpeed Golf and EZ Mag Cart Cover

By Rick Limpert, Special to MyrtleBeachWorldAmateur.comSuper Speed

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur and the World's Largest 19th is proud to have some of the top golf apparel, club and accessory manufacturers and retailers in Myrtle Beach each year to show off their wares to the 3000+ golfers and their guests each year at the World's Largest 19th Hole Expo. The World's Largest 19th Hole is known as the world's largest golf tournament party, but it's also part expo and trade show. It covers a large section of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center giving World Am golfers and other attendees a chance to see the latest golf products and all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

SuperSpeed Golf
Improve your golf game with the SuperSpeed Golf training system. SuperSpeed Golf offers different training clubs that will help golfer's increase their swing speed. Overspeed is when a golfer moves their body at higher-than-normal speeds. SuperSpeed gives an Overspeed workout that requires golfers to swing as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of swinging with their standard driver. SuperSpeed training protocols activate  muscular motor units in synchronized patterns and recruit new motor units within the same muscle. Give SuperSpeed a try on the 19th Hole expo floor or see them online at

The Double Bogey Golf Towel
Trust me, you don't want to hear the words, "Double Bogey" on a golf course unless you are talking about The Double Bogey Golf Towel. Available for $4.95 at the World's Largest 19th Hole, the Double Bogey is a double-sided and scratch-free scrubbing and rubbing towel on the front and an absorbent cloth of drying on the back. It can remove grass, mud and sand from your irons, wedges and balls. It's machine washable and dryable and it clips right onto your golf bag. It also works for cleaning all the debris off your shoes. The best bargain at the World's Largest 19th Hole.

EZ Mag Golf Cart Covers
If you are among the growing number of golfers and Americans that own a golf cart, you need to consider an EZ Mag Golf Cart Cover. See the demo on the expo floor, but all you need to know  \is that the EZ Mag Cart Cover has has a strip of powerful magnets replacing the traditional zippers on both the driver and passenger doors making this cover the premium golf cart cover on the market!It is designed to fit most popular two passenger golf carts like EZ Go, Club Car and Yamaha. It's easy to install and comes with large storage bag for safe keeping. Visit

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