The golf tournament will be conducted using the USGA Handicap System.


Based on their assigned Tournament Handicap Index, each entrant will play their tournament rounds with a daily course handicap based on the USGA slope of the entrant’s assigned golf courses and tees for each round.  Please consult with your local PGA Professional or call tournament headquarters to find out more information on establishing a handicap index.

All entrants are recommended to have an established USGA Handicap Index (or equivalent for international players) before May 15, 2016. Limited history can result in more arduous assessments process during competition. In order to obtain a USGA Handicap Index, a golfer must join a USGA authorized golf club and post adjusted gross scores. These scores are subject to peer review. After at least five scores have been posted, the club will issue a handicap index.  If you do not have an established handicap by May 15, please contact the WAHC before registering, and we will assist you in any way possible.  It is highly recommended you have an established handicap at the time of registration, however it is not mandatory.

Click Here to make sure your club is authorized by the USGA.  **Please note: Though your golf course maintains your handicap on site, it does not ensure it is USGA authorized.  Use the link to verify authorization.**

A Message On Internet Handicaps

If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing an internet handicap, you MUST make sure it is an online USGA-approved handicap before submitting. Similarly, simply registering for a service is not becoming a part of a member club. Once a part of an Internet handicap service, you MUST join one of their member clubs in your area. Non-approved online USGA handicaps will not be accepted.

A Message For Entrants With An International Handicap Index

International handicaps are reviewed on an individual basis. The participant will need to provide a complete recent scoring history to the Handicap Committee (score history must include last 20 rounds). The Committee will use this score history in connection with your current international handicap index to determine the participant's Tournament Handicap. If adequate score history cannot be provided, the participant's handicap will be considered invalid and will not be accepted for tournament play.

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