In mid-August, all entrants will be required to submit their USGA (or equivalent) Handicap Index to The Handicap Committee.

Always Remember

When competing in a Handicap Tournament, it is important to be familiar with the handicapping system, just as you are with the Rules of Golf.  Similarly, it is the players' responsibility to inform the handicap committee of the information that is requested of them.  If a player participates in the tournament with inaccurately provided information, regardless of intent; no matter which party is at fault, it is grounds for ineligibility.

Handicap Monitoring Outline

  • Past players have gone through our score history program comparing a player’s incoming index with past performances. New players have gone through a rigorous screening process analyzing their incoming index.
  • If you've played in the World Am, or any Golf Holiday event in the past -- be sure to post your scores!
  • During the tournament, scores are also adjusted when exceptional rounds are posted. Players with a handicap adjustment during the event are noted by a “ADJ” next to their name on the flight score sheets. ALL adjustments are retroactive and the new adjusted index will be applied to each of the tournament rounds.
  • If a player reaches a specified threshold for exceptional play, the committee will research that player, including past tournament scores, handicap indexes and rankings. At the end of this review, a decision is made whether or not to disqualify the competitor.  A player may be disqualified without being adjusted as well.  All tournament committee decisions are final.

Golf Tournament Index

In many cases, the submitted Handicap Index will also act as their Tournament Handicap Index. However, The Handicap Committee may assign a Tournament Index that is lower than the submitted Handicap Index if:

  • The entrant has a lower index in the prior 12 months.
    • Need to know where to find this information? Click HERE.
    • If this information is unavailable you are subject to a reduction.
  • The entrant played in the previous year and has an established “World Am Index” that is lower than what has been submitted in the current year. The “World Am Index” is calculated by averaging the lowest two tournament differentials from the previous year.
  • The entrant has played in any of the previous two World Amateurs and has accumulated “performance points” based on top finishes. Any entrant with “performance points” will have their submitted Handicap Index reduced as follows:

    a. When total points accumulated reach seven, tournament handicap index reduced by 1 stroke
    b. When total points accumulated reach nine, tournament handicap index reduced by 2 strokes
    c. When total points accumulated reach eleven, tournament handicap index reduced by 3 strokes

    NOTE: Performance Points can only affect those participants that have finished in the top five of their flight in both of the previous two years. However, finishing in the top five both years does not guarantee that the participant will be affected. This system is a variation of Dean Knuth’s Tournament Points System.

  • The submitted Current Handicap Index will be evaluated and reduced accordingly if any of the following criteria are not met:

    a. Entrant does not have twenty (20) scores posted for the last 12 months
    b. Entrant does not have one (1) tournament round posted in the last 12 months
    c. Entrant does not have any scores posted after June 30, 2016
    d. Entrant does not provided Handicap Committee with their Handicap Chairman contact information

Entrant Prize Eligible

The Handicap Committee will deem an entrant ineligible to compete for any awards or prizes if:

  • The entrant either submits no Handicap Index or a Handicap Index that has a revision date other than the date requested
  • The entrant does not agree to the terms & conditions of the World Amateur
  • Participants who do not maintain a handicap may play without eligibility for any prizing.  Flighting for such a player will be determined by the Tournament Committee on a case by case basis.

Special Reminders

  • If a participant’s handicap index for any reason is not an accurate reflection of the participants playing ability, it is THEIR responsibility to notify tournament officials prior to the event. A valid USGA handicap reflects all golf scores regardless of the course or conditions (as long as the round was played under the Rules of Golf), and must be formulated according to the guidelines established by the USGA. Any unusual posting procedures, such as ceasing to post scores for a period leading up to the event, may be grounds for adjustments or disqualification.
  • The Handicap Committee reserves the right to adjust a participant’s index prior to or during the event.
  • All participants are required to notify a tournament official of any handicap changes prior to the event and after verification forms are returned.
  • A difference of .1 in your index can result in one more or less strokes on a given day. Please ensure that the handicap provided is accurate to the decimal place.
  • Women will be allowed a handicap index up to 40.4 and men up to 36.4 as per the USGA policy.


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