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We’re proud to return to the Dye Club to host the nearly 100 players who qualify for the 5th round Championship event. Featuring complimentary food and beverage, rules officials, live scoring and more, this is as close to the PGA TOUR experience as you can get as an amateur golfer.

Who gets to participate?

Will you be one of the lucky participants? Either way, you’ll want to check out this course preview below!

Winners of Early Drawing Prizes Announced Fri, 15 May 2020 12:46:15 +0000

Entering the 37th Year of the greatest tournament on the planet for the everyday golfer, we look forward to putting on a great show! How do we accomplish that? How about giving away over $10,000 in prizes just for signing up early!

A big thank you to each of the 1,660 early entrants! We’re happy to announce the winners of each prize below. All winners will be contacted directly with more information!

TaylorMade SIM Driver78255PaulFerrette
TaylorMade SIM Driver73932BradGrissom
TaylorMade Spider Putter38664ChuckSAFFELL
TaylorMade Spider Putter41290PandoraCarter
TaylorMade Spider Putter38469EllaMATTHEWS
TaylorMade Spider Putter96677MitchDickman
TaylorMade Spider Putter91663TomHammond
ClubGlove Travel Bag33063JimMCGAHA
ClubGlove Travel Bag42006ErnestStarkey
ClubGlove Travel Bag78351JamieMcDevitt
ClubGlove Travel Bag49572JesseSchmidt
ClubGlove Travel Bag78119MicheleGlowacki-Sheehan
Garmin Approach G1039937ScottRose
Garmin Approach G1047408MattPartlow
Garmin Approach G1076605KeithWay
Garmin Approach G1031922JimmyDAVIS
Garmin Approach G1046449ChrisDyches
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder78277ToddDyson
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder39116GaryStory
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder76038scotthall
Set of Cleveland wedges86288KarlaHulett
Set of Cleveland wedges33467CarolMANN
Set of Cleveland wedges42285HarveyLee
Set of Cleveland wedges33984LeslieHASEGAWA
Set of Cleveland wedges39178HenryZygmunt
Under Armour Duffle Bag39848JimBaxter
Under Armour Duffle Bag34877JohannRUDZITIS
Under Armour Duffle Bag35347ScottBENES
Under Armour Duffle Bag33592RobertFRAAS
Under Armour Duffle Bag39732JosephMcMillan
Under Armour Duffle Bag48361PaulCacciola
Under Armour Duffle Bag39015SandyGINGLES-HARVEY
Under Armour Duffle Bag51696DorysBastidas
Under Armour Duffle Bag77738RobertLa Grassa
Under Armour Duffle Bag48284BobPullen
Under Armour Sunglasses2171PaulCIANCANELLI
Under Armour Sunglasses41487GaryBamberger
Under Armour Sunglasses15837JosephHumphries
Under Armour Sunglasses45507KIMMACE
Under Armour Sunglasses22288PaulZITO
Under Armour Sunglasses65754JoeCasey
Under Armour Sunglasses46483StephenFoster
Under Armour Sunglasses4065LouisFRANICEVICH
Under Armour Sunglasses31822JohnSCHEIRMAN
Under Armour Sunglasses47970LynnRyan
World Am Custom Nexbelt81850MikeCrosby
World Am Custom Nexbelt45254KennethCaldwell
World Am Custom Nexbelt84277MarkSpencer
World Am Custom Nexbelt30050EdHAAS
World Am Custom Nexbelt45580MartinMiner
World Am Custom Nexbelt46971LesDenisar
World Am Custom Nexbelt78062TimothyDuffy
World Am Custom Nexbelt40410AndrewHahn
World Am Custom Nexbelt36841BradleySTAUDER
World Am Custom Nexbelt90382DwaynePope
A Message to Our 2020 Participants Mon, 11 May 2020 12:00:19 +0000
Dear Friends of World Am,
I write with an important update on your favorite golf tournament, and the steps we’re taking to ensure this year’s competition is enjoyed in a safe and healthy environment amid the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic.
With appropriate social distancing measures in place, playing golf has become widely accepted as a safe activity in the current climate – which is why we have every intent of conducting the World Am event in 2020. At its core, this event is a golf competition.
As for the “World’s Largest 19th Hole” celebration scheduled for Aug. 31 – Sept. 3 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, we’re currently faced with this unfortunate reality: we have no reasonable assurance that federal, state or local COVID-19 guidelines will allow us to accommodate a mass gathering in an indoor facility by that time, and we no longer have the luxury of taking a “wait and see” approach. This is why we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 19th Hole activities for this year’s event.
As always, we’re committed to maximizing the value of the World Am registration fee. With that in mind we are pleased to announce an early bird entry fee of $435 – a $100 reduction of the original early bird fee – and have extended the early bird registration deadline to June 11.
We want to give you as much time as possible to make an informed decision on signing up. But should you choose to sign up by the original May 14 early bird deadline, you’ll receive the added incentive of being eligible to win randomly drawn prizes from a $10,000 prize pool awarded to early signups.
As for the tournament competition itself, rest assured that we are continuously evaluating industry best practices for providing a safe golfing environment for your visit – and will deploy all measures necessary to ensure it.
For 37 wonderful years, the Myrtle Beach golf community has been fortunate to welcome thousands of avid golfers each August. We know you have options for spending your time and money and are most grateful when you chose to do so with us. 
Scott Tomasello
Tournament Director
Myrtle Beach World Amateur
By the Numbers: A Max 9 Case Study Fri, 01 May 2020 13:15:33 +0000

Golf is fun.

From the first swipe at the practice range to the sticks going in the trunk of the car, golf at its heart is about having fun chasing a little white ball down a big green fairway. Like the old Club Pro used to holler out the door on our way to the tee, “If you ain’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong!”.

Year after year, the team behind the World Am is in an endless pursuit for new ways to make the World Am experience better & more enjoyable for the golfer, without taking away from the competition.  When you have to be able to implement the change for over 3,000 people on 60 golf courses, that can be a tall task. But when the USGA officially introduced the “Maximum Score” format to golf in 2019, the World Am saw this new form of stroke play as a welcome potential addition to the event. In this part of our “By the Numbers” series we will cannonball into the pros and cons of the World Am’s adoption of the “Max 9 Rule” at the 2019 Myrtle Beach World Amateur.

So, what exactly does this new format allow and is it good for the event?

The “Maximum Score” form of stroke play allows for the tournament committee to cap a player’s score for each hole either with a fixed maximum number (like 9), or with a maximum number related to par or the player’s handicap. In the above linked article, the USGA lays out two fundamental reasons for the optional form of stroke play: (1) very often traditional stroke play leads to slow pace of play, and (2) traditional stroke play may discourage golfers in general, and especially those who feel they have no chance to compete after making some big numbers in competition. Anyone who has played tournament golf has experienced both without a shadow of doubt.

Golfers certainly disagree a lot, but they can all agree on two things: the hardest shot in golf is the one right after a cold shank, and slow play is the worst.

With that in mind, one of the most universally accepted ways to increase the enjoyment of a round at the World Am and the tournament overall would be to help pace of play. The World Am Committee was excited to see how this new Max 9 Rule would positively effect pace of play in 2019, and we were not disappointed.

In 2019 scores were ready for review at HQ on average 12.5 minutes quicker over 2018, and 20 minutes quicker than 2017. This much improved time might not be entirely attributed to the introduction of the Max 9 Rule, but it is certainly low hanging fruit to presume it to be a major factor. Anyone who has ever stood on the tee waiting for someone to grind out a solid 12 knows their round could have been that much faster if they could have picked up for a 9.

Pace of Play by Year

YearAVG FLT. SCORES AT HQTime Saved/(Lost)
20163:37:38 PM
20173:43:12 PM(5min:34seconds)
20183:35:54 PM7min:18seconds
20193:23:29 PM12min:25seconds

The Max 9 Rule can definitely help make pace of play trend in a better direction, but there’s a whole lot more good news on top of that fun fact.

Throughout the years, a golfer’s love for the game has been tested by a true shipwreck of a hole. Consider this true story from the tee on Hole 11 at TPC Myrtle Beach, where a participant unloaded almost his entire trip’s supply of golf balls into the water on the road to an unfathomable 30+ strokes on one hole of the golf tournament. His week was finished, and the other 90 players on the course likely weren’t happy with the delay. Even the beverage cart and frequent trips to the beer wagon that evening couldn’t help him bounce back from that grizzly tale, you hate to see it.

Now, it just can’t be all sunshine & roses when change is implemented. Inevitably something, or someone, will test the viability of a new policy. As players across the event are saved by the ability to pick up on their journey to making double digit swings, some unique situations did arise. Naturally, the higher handicaps are utilizing this maximum score more frequently than the lower handicaps as seen in the chart below.

2019 Max 9 Utilization by Flight

With some flights having much wider ranges of handicaps, this maximum score format does potentially allow a higher handicap to stay more competitive than they previously may have been able to. Some lower handicap players would feel this is an advantage, but in contrast some argue so is being a lower handicap. 

It is important to note that starting in 2020 with the new World Handicap System, all golfer’s handicaps are built while not being able to post a score higher than net double bogey on a single hole.

The World Am did see the rare instance where a player edges out another for a finishing spot, and that higher finishing player was able to pick up on a disaster hole and walk away with just a 9, still in the hunt. But the numbers show this was already happening. 

While many agree that is worth talking about, we propose that it’s much like blaming the field goal kicker for the loss in a tight contest. Just like a football game isn’t truly decided by one play at the end. A game is comprised of four quarters and 100 plays, and a golfer’s tournament isn’t defined by one bad hole, but rather the full body of work across four rounds of golf.

Does Max 9 Affect Payouts?

In this case the numbers seem to agree with our feelings.

In 2018, prior to the Max 9 Rule existing, the World Am had 269 players in the Top 10 of their flights & 125 players in the Top 5 with an individual hole score of 9 or higher. Despite the feeling among some that these numbers would likely increase with the new rule, but in 2019 they dropped. The 2019 World Am saw both numbers improve, with 15 less players finishing in the top 10 of their flight with a 9 (formerly 9 or higher), and 14 less players finishing in the top 5 of their flight while taking a 9.

Top 5 Finishers with a 9+125109-16
Top 10 Finishers with a 9+269256-13

In short,  “Max 9 Rule” did not allow more players to finish better with a big number on the scorecard. A tangible win in the big picture goal of always improving the tournament experience.

An Unexpected Benefit

Let’s face it, the rules of golf can be exhaustingly fickle from time to time. Forgetting to write a score, accidentally breaking a rule no one knew existed, players mistakenly writing their 9-hole total in hole 18; these are all reasons for an automatic disqualification prior to rolling out the Max 9 Rule in 2019.

Another positive outcome of the implementation of Max 9 is a hall pass from these situations. Major consequences for minor infractions, 30+ golfers yearly are affected with a dreaded ‘incorrect scorecard’ or writing a 44 on hole 18. 

Starting in 2019 with the new rule players are afforded the opportunity to card a 9 as a penalty on these mistake holes, despite possibly scoring much better. Where this brutal scenario used to end a player’s week and leave a sour taste in their mouth, the World Am is allowed to step in and help under the new rules.

Wild Card Stat & Facebook Trivia

9's recorded23553459-
10+'s recorded986N/A-

Here’s a hypothetical. There were 986 instances of a 10+ being recorded in 2018. How much time would be saved by eliminating every stroke over a 9 (Congratluations to John K. for the exact guess! You’ve won three dozen TaylorMade TP5 balls!)

Let’s say each person would pick up after their seventh stroke, knowing a 9 was inevitable. Or better yet, was at 9, and saved two strokes prior to taking what would be an eventual 11.

986 occurrences * 2 strokes saved at 40 seconds each
= 78,880 seconds
or 21.91 hours saved.
or 9.6 minutes per course  per day
Who wouldn’t want to save your entire flight 10 minutes?

From incremental pace of play benefits, to preserving hundreds of dollars in golf balls, to saving the inevitable scorecard goof, the World Amateur’s implementation of the Max 9 Rule at the event has been deemed a success in year one.

As anyone would hope, our decision is knighted by the numbers. In the 2019 World Amateur customer survey, a commanding 85% of players responding request it stays in place. With that type of overwhelming support, it’s safe to say the Max 9 Rule is here to stay.

Player Docuseries; Part 4 Tue, 28 Apr 2020 18:16:52 +0000
In 36 years, we’ve created a lot of memories. There’s been over a half million rounds of golf played in Myrtle Beach through the World Am! We can’t begin to imagine the countless amount of friendships created and fun times had.
With the introduction of our first ever player docuseries, we’re excited to capture 4 of those countless stories and share them with you!

Today we reveal the final edition of this 4-part series with James Anderson, a 10-year NFL veteran. Watch as he shares with us why he decided to create memories at the World Am. 

We hope you enjoy as much as we did getting to learn his story.

Missed any previous videos? Check them out now.

Past player series – 
Part 1 – The DuPont’s
Part 2 – Brian Katrek, Sirius XM Radio Personality
Part 3 – Ramana Reddy

2020 Bracket Challenge: Winner Mon, 27 Apr 2020 08:53:40 +0000

From Round One to The Championship, the excitement and fun that went along with the World Am Bracket Challenge was huge. Two of the finest properties a golfer can visit in the Myrtle Beach area, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and TPC Myrtle Beach are truly the cream of the Myrtle Beach crop. No matter who won in this matchup, the golfer will always win if picking between a round at one or the other.

TPC Myrtle Beach vs. Caledonia Recap

TPC Myrtle Beach is truly impressive from start to finish. This PGA Tour caliber property plays host to yearly prestigious events, and also regularly hosts traveling PGA Tour professionals in the area. TPC is everything you want from a golf course: high level customer service, top shelf amenities, and the best conditions you can ever hope for. With every type of golf hole you can play in the mix, the Tom Fazio design at TPC will test the best golfers in the world while also giving your average golfer the same feel and experience normally reserved for the Tour. The total golf package at TPC is an experience that every golfer will enjoy.

The road to the Championship for TPC Myrtle Beach was an exciting one. Early on TPC sent home strong challengers in Litchfield CC and Glen Dornoch, but Rounds 4 and 5 had much more daunting matchups ahead. Round 4 had TPC facing off against one of the top reviewed courses in the area, Grande Dunes Resort Club. After an impressive victory in Round 4 on Grande Dunes, TPC went toe to toe with Tidewater Golf Club. Arguably a Championship matchup by itself, the picture-perfect Tidewater took TPC to the very end in an awesome battle. TPC Myrtle Beach advanced onto the Championship match up with Caledonia by just 5 votes: the slimmest margin of victory in the bracket.

Golf heaven is really the only way to describe Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Positioned on one of the most beautiful stretches of South Carolina property you could dream up, Caledonia blends a memorable golf course with incredible coastal Carolina landscapes to create a golfer’s “Field of Dreams”. Caledonia’s 18th Hole is legendary in Myrtle Beach golf lore because of its perfect challenge and guaranteed audience on the green. A bucket list golf experience, Caledonia is one-of-a-kind and unequaled from the live oaks to the pristine conditions.

Caledonia was tested throughout the journey to the Championship, edging out multiple top tier properties to get to the show. They earned it for certain. The most exciting match came in the Semifinal Round where Caledonia went head-to-head with another low-country favorite, True Blue Golf Club. True Blue is also Caledonia’s sister course, located conveniently just across the street, these two make one of the best 36-hole loops you can ever play.  

TPC Myrtle Beach
Hole #12
Hole #9
TPC Myrtle Beach
Hole #18
Hole #18

In the End

In the Championship Round of voting Caledonia ran off to an early lead and never looked back. The Tour experience at TPC Myrtle Beach might have won against any other matchup, but the property and layout at Caledonia simply is unmatched. 

It’s safe to say that many of the World Am courses are deserving of the title, but in the 2020 World Am Bracket Challenge, we only have one winner…

Congratulations to Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, your 2020 World Am Bracket Challenge Champion. 

Furthermore, congratulations to Lee Varner Jr. You’ve won a complimentary foursome to play Caledonia on your next trip to Myrtle Beach! Enjoy and thank you all for playing.

By the Numbers: Golf is Hard Sat, 25 Apr 2020 15:45:16 +0000

Golf is hard.

Not only is golf just plain old hard, the tournament golf atmosphere at the World Am adds to the challenge. No mulligans, having to putt everything into the hole, and you can’t forget those first tee jitters! The World Am gives golfers of every skill level a true tournament golf experience.

During the 2019 World Am the challenge of tournament golf was well represented in the numbers. The World Am Staff wanted to take a dive into the data to find out just how challenging it is to play to your handicap. Tournament golf may be tough but playing to your handicap is formulated to be regularly unattainable and that should always be kept in mind.

In 2019 Flight 48 was tasked with running the most difficult courses according to the data. Across their four rounds of golf, playing Wachesaw East, Tiger’s Eye, Arrowhead, and The Pearl, this Flight averaged a net differential of 12.12 (Net Differential is a player’s Net Score minus the Course Rating). Flight 66 came in a close second place for “Hardest Course Rotation”, with the schedule of River Hills, Legends Heathland, Willbrook Plantation, and Crown Park. Their flight was tested for sure, with Flight 66 posting an average net differential of 11.8.

2019 Hardest Course Rotations

FlightRd 1 CourseRd 2 CourseRd 3 CourseRd 4 CourseAvg. Net Diff
48Wachesaw EastTigers EyeArrowheadPearl East12.12
66River HillsLegends HeathlandWillbrook PlantationCrown Park11.85
25Wachesaw EastTigers EyeArrowheadPearl East11.65
60Pine LakesPossum TrotOyster BayBlackmoor11.31
59Pine LakesPossum TrotOyster BayBlackmoor10.68

Flight 56 & Flight 60 were neck and neck for the 2019 World Am’s “most difficult round”. Carolina National proved to be one tough egg to crack with Flight 56 posting a whopping average net differential of 16.0! Oyster Bay presented almost the same challenge to Flight 60 with a similarly huge average net differential of 15.9! We can all agree those golfers certainly enjoyed the complimentary beverages at the 19th Hole.

2019 Most Difficult Rounds

FlightCourseRoundNet Diff
56Carolina NationalRound 416.09
60Oyster BayRound 315.91
59Oyster BayRound 314.44
24Glen DornochRound 214.16
55Carolina NationalRound 413.71

Carolina National was deemed most challenging course of 2019. 

The tournament golfer is always chasing themself. Every golfer is even par on the first tee, and every round presents an opportunity to play your best. But as any golfer knows very well, that just doesn’t always happen. One day the putter is hot, and the driver is not. The next day the you’re splitting the fairway, but couldn’t putt a ball into the Grand Canyon if you were standing on the edge.

It’s not always supremely difficult. Some flights had the secret sauce. Flight 13 had the best average net differential for the week playing on Founders Club, Farmstead, Possum Trot and Kings North. Following closely were flights 12 & 29 respectively.

2019 Easiest Rotations

FlightRd 1 CourseRd 2 CourseRd 3 CourseRd 4 CourseAvg. Net Diff
13Founders ClubFarmsteadPossum TrotMBN - Kings North5.21
12Oyster BayRiver OaksShaftesbury GlenPawleys Plantation5.48
29Crow CreekAberdeenMBN - South CreekCaledonia5.82
14Founders ClubFarmsteadPossum TrotMBN - Kings North5.91
27MBN - South CreekCaledoniaCrown ParkArcadian Shores6.10

Facebook Trivia

For those looking for the answer to our Facebook Trivia question, the correct answer was Pennsylvania (153), Maryland (98), and Tennessee (91)! These three states had the EXACT same amount of players represented in 2018 compared to 2019! 

This was a tough one… There were a few that came close, but there were no correct guesses!

Congratulations to our lucky randomly drawn winner, Christopher Smith!  You’ve won a Garmin GPS Watch!

Most Improved Players

Golf is all about getting better right? It’s time we shed a light on who is improving their game. We won’t name names to protect the innocent. You know who you are!

The World Am’s “Most Improved Player” from one round to the next. “Joe Golfer” from Flight 48 went from Zero to Hero during 2019 Rounds 1 and 2. Firing a scorecard-busting 127 at Wachesaw East in Round 1, “Joe Golfer” must have found the secret in the dirt before Round 2. Dropping 39 strokes off their Round 1 score, “Joe Golfer” fired an 88 at Tiger’s Eye Golf Club. What a turnaround! 

From year to year though, we have two players who must have stuck to their practice schedules. Most improved percentage wise from 2018 to 2019 was “Mr. Vanity”. In 2018, Mr. Vanity averaged a gross score of 100. In 2019, his 4 day average was 86. A 14% improvement, and also 14 strokes/day.

Total score wise, “Sir Baker’s Dozen” was our most improved. Bettering his year by 13% and the most in terms of total strokes. Sir Dozen lost 73 shots off his 2019 performance from 2018 (18.25 strokes / day). Keep up the good work!

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the numbers at the ‘Everyman’s US Open’. We’ll be back again soon with another in-depth look at a variety of statistical aspects of the World’s Largest Amateur golf tournament!

By the Numbers: An Overview Wed, 22 Apr 2020 08:48:10 +0000

The World Am, much like the marketplace it is hosted in, is often considered a microcosm of the golf industry. When golf rounds in Myrtle Beach are up, often times they are up around the nation. If TaylorMade represents 50% of marketshare in the metal woods, you’ll often see that same number among players at World Am!

So what happens when you get 3,000+ golfers together for the World’s Largest golf tournament? A whole lot of data that is comparable to the golfing population as a whole. In what is the start of a multi-part series, we’re going to take a look at some of those numbers from the 2019 tournament.

2019 Count of Player Index

Let’s get started! The 2019 tournament featured:

    • 219,978 recorded holes
    • 8,015 birdies
      • 3.6% of recorded holes
    • 501 eagles
      • .23% of recorded holes
    • Average gross score: 91.5
    • 5.08 score per hole
    • 11 Hole in Ones
    • Average tournament index 12.7
    • Median tournament index 11.8
    • Mode tournament index 9.8
      • 133 golfers with this exact index

Due to ‘Just For Fun’ and other factors, not all registered participant scores are documented.

2019 Hole In Ones

JohnClintonMyrtlewood Pine Hills4#17
PaulKeuchLegends Moorland4#17
GaryRobideauHeritage Club2#11
MikeSigmonCrown Park3#13
DarrylTaylorWild Wing Plantation1#5
RobertTrimperLions Paw1#3
CharlesWadeMBN - South Creek1#13
DavidWadeGrande Dunes3#2

Facebook Trivia

Happen to catch our Facebook trivia question? We asked how many total strokes were recorded at the 2019 tournament. The correct answer is 1,118,467 total strokes. Congratulations to Henry Z. who guessed 1,116,240 strokes. You’ve won a Garmin GPS Watch. (Be sure to check back next week for our next trivia question.)

Let’s keep it going! How about some geographical data? Where are the avid golfers of the World coming from?

2019 Map of Player Participation

Annually, the tournament usually features 49 states (Alaska was holding out for so long we had to do a sweepstakes!) and over 20 foreign countries. In 2019, the leading states were North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida & Texas. If we look a bit closer, popular pockets include Crossville, TN among other small golfing towns throughout the U.S.A!

A special shoutout to each of these places for spreading the word about the World Am!

2019 Top 5 Zip Codes Represented

Crossville, TN14
Columbia, SC10
The Villages, FL10
Katy, TX8
Missouri City, TX8
Conroe, TX8

excludes zip codes in Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick Counties

2019 Top 5 States Represented

State2019 Players
South Carolina313
North Carolina289

Wild Card

Your wild card stat of the day is draft beers consumed at the 19th Hole: 16,830. Cheers, and thanks to our favorite beverage of the 19th hole, Michelob Ultra!

We hope you enjoyed this initial deep dive into the numbers at the ‘Everyman’s US Open’. We’ll be back again soon with another in-depth look at a variety of statistical aspects of the World’s Largest Amateur golf tournament!

2020 Bracket Challenge: Championship Tue, 21 Apr 2020 12:28:01 +0000

As the rounds carried on, we were treated to a battle of top tier talent. The “Final Four” of the 2020 World Am Bracket Challenge brought us a story book match for the ages, Caledonia versus True Blue, and an electric powerhouse match between Tidewater Golf Club & TPC Myrtle Beach. The cream of the crop is here to weigh in.

True Blue vs. Caledonia Recap

Positioned in the heart of South Carolina’s famous low country, True Blue Golf Club and Caledonia Golf & Fish Club are two of the most heralded courses in all of Myrtle Beach golf, and they’re just a pitching wedge away from one another. It is only fitting that these two sister properties square up in the Semifinal Round of the Bracket Challenge, each showcasing their own unique features and memorable highlights.

True Blue Golf Club is a mammoth of a golf course. From giant sprawling fairways to massive green complexes, True Blue does everything just a little bigger and a little better than the norm. A signature Mike Stranz design with well-placed water and testy native areas across the property, True Blue is a treat for every golfer no matter the handicap.

Just across the street, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is the perfect compliment to True Blue with its wooded feel and demand for accuracy off the tee. Majestic live oak trees greet your arrival to this pristine property, and a challenging and beautiful golf course holds your attention to the very end. With what feels like the blueprint for golf heaven from the first tee to the last, Caledonia was just too tough to beat. Beauty won in this battle, with Caledonia taking the victory over its golf companion True Blue in this Final Four showdown.

TPC vs. Tidewater Recap

As soon as this matchup became official, we all knew it was going to be explosive. This feels like a title fight for certain, with two premier properties facing off for a shot at the title. Tidewater Golf Club, a gem of the north end of Myrtle Beach, takes on the Tour-caliber outfit at TPC Myrtle Beach.

Tidewater Golf Club matches up dead even with TPC Myrtle Beach in the closest race of the entire World Am Bracket Challenge. These two facilities are built on the same foundation: premier course design that offers premier services and amenities.

TPC Myrtle Beach is the complete package for true tournament golf. Tour-level conditions across the property are standard here, and paired with a genuine tournament golf course design from Tom Fazio, every golfer gets an experience that is truly PGA Tour quality. TPC brings so much to the table for any golfer to experience, many would place them at the top of the list.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Tidewater knows this very well. Featuring one of the finest golf properties you will ever see, Tidewater is a goliath challenger for anyone to face. Guests are surrounded with some incredible views throughout the round, and the course is a fun and memorable challenge to match. Tidewater Golf Club is a bucket list golf experience for any golfer in the area.

The votes are in and this was the game of the tournament. In the closest race of the entire World Am Bracket Challenge, the pure tournament test and championship conditioning at TPC Myrtle Beach emerged victorious. By a razor thin margin of 5 votes (50.6%), TPC Myrtle Beach heads to the Championship Final against Caledonia. Southern charm & low country beauty battles with the elite tournament golf experience in the World Am Bracket Challenge Championship.

RoundVoting Ends
Round of 64April 2, 2020
Round of 32April 9, 2020
Round of 16April 14, 2020
Elite EightApril 17, 2020
Final FourApril 21, 2020
ChampionshipApril 24, 2020
2020 Bracket Challenge: Final Four Fri, 17 Apr 2020 13:03:33 +0000

The World Am Bracket Challenge rolls on to the much anticipated “FINAL FOUR”.

We began the road to the Championship with 58 golf courses, all with their own individual beauties, challenges, and fun. Through five rounds of voting from the people, we are left with just four courses to battle for the title.

The “Final Four” of the World Am Bracket Challenge is set, and we wanted to preview both of the incredible matchups in the semifinal round of voting.

Hole #18 (left) & #9 (right)
TPC Myrtle Beach
Hole #15

TPC Myrtle Beach and Tidewater Golf Club

From the very beginning we knew we would see some amazing matchups along this Bracket Challenge journey, and boy do we have one brewing here. Hoisting numerous impressive individual accolades, awards, and honors, Tidewater and TPC Myrtle Beach are two of South Carolina’s top gems already.

Positioned on one of the most breathtaking properties in the Carolinas, Tidewater presents its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience every round. With famous views of the marshes and Cherry Grove just across the water, Tidewater is unofficially touted as the “Pebble Beach of the East”. It isn’t just a pretty view at this property, as the golf course is a world-class layout that demands golf shots while also being fair and fun for all skill levels. After finishing a round at Tidewater golfers are rewarded with a truly complete golf experience that brings you back again and again.

On the other side of the tape is one of the best all-around golf facilities in the Southeast, TPC Myrtle Beach. Featuring an absolutely incredible tournament layout, TPC takes the golfer for a unique journey that is tough to find anywhere else in the area. This Tom Fazio design utilizes every type of golf challenge possible. From short but dangerous par 3’s to dauntingly long but forgiving par 4’s, TPC will ask a golfer to use every club in their bag by the end of the round. TPC Myrtle Beach isn’t just a challenging round of golf though, with top-level customer service, world class conditions and amenities, and a “PGA Tour-quality experience” where every guest is given the same red-carpet VIP treatment that the top players are given on the Tour. 

The picturesque marshlands of Tidewater Golf Club go up against a true PGA Tour experience at TPC Myrtle Beach in this semifinal bout. Who will emerge on top?

Hole #9
True Blue
Hole #13

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and True Blue
Golf Club

There is no greater rivalry that exists in this world than the sibling variety. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club and True Blue Golf Club, sister courses positioned on the south end of Myrtle Beach, will go head-to-head in our other “Final Four” battle that is sure to have some fireworks.

Both properties showcase the amazing talents of the world-renowned golf course architect, Mike Stranz. The duality across the two properties is simply amazing. Two completely different golf courses with their own personalities and highlights, but clearly born from the same genius. After playing both courses every golfer is sure to have their own personal favorite.

True Blue Golf Club is a bomber’s paradise. With fairways you can land a passenger jet on, and some of the largest green complexes you will ever find, True Blue’s expansive layout lures the golfer into a grip and rip mentality. Beware of the water though, a round at True Blue may cost you a few golf balls, but you will surely have a whole lot of fun doing it. Pairing this special layout with top-notch manicured conditions, a loop around True Blue Golf Club is sure to make every golfer smile.

Just across the street from True Blue sits one of the most beautiful properties not only in Myrtle Beach, but the golfing world. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club instantly grabs the heart of its lucky visitors, greeting all with a jaw-dropping drive beneath ancient live Oak trees. The property is second to none. Nestled along the banks of the Waccamaw River, Caledonia is more than just 18 holes of challenging and inspiring golf, it is a golfer’s paradise. Showcasing incredible scenery and wildlife around every corner, Caledonia’s beauty is a golf experience truly unlike any other in the area.

Like two siblings duking it out for the remote control, sister courses True Blue and Caledonia go head to head for a spot in the World Am Bracket Challenge Championship.  Which one is your favorite?

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RoundVoting Ends
Round of 64April 2, 2020
Round of 32April 9, 2020
Round of 16April 14, 2020
Elite EightApril 17, 2020
Final FourApril 21, 2020
ChampionshipApril 24, 2020