What is the last day to register?
What is included in the entry fee?
Can I sign up over the phone?
Is there a minimum age requirement?

Golf Courses

What golf courses will I be playing?
Are range finders allowed?
How do I book practice rounds?
Can I be paired with a friend?
Can I be flighted with a friend?
Are caddies permitted on the course?
Are spectators permitted on the course?

19th Hole

Where is the 19th hole located?
Are drinks included with our entry?
What is available at the 19th hole?
How do I register my guest?
Are we allowed to bring a guest?
Can I bring my kids?

Golf Handicaps

What is the minimum or maximum handicap?
When are handicaps due?
What online golf handicaps are approved?
What is required to enter the World Am?
What are the various age/gender divisions?
What if I have a birthday during the tournament?
How are participants flighted?
How close are handicap ranges?


Is transportation provided to the local golf courses?
Which hotels offer discounts?
How far apart are the golf courses?

Tournament Information

Can I find my past results?
When and where is check in?
What distances can I expect to play from?
What are the dates?
What is the format?
What are the parking details for the event?
What is the International Pairs Competition?
What is the Cory Lemke Parent/Child event?
Who all is playing?
Do you have a referral program?
How can I volunteer?
Are there other ways to play before & after World Am rounds?
Who gets to play on Friday?

Rules & Regulations

What happens in the event of a tie?
What is the cancellation policy?
What is the Policy for Inclement Weather?
Do we have to be at the Convention Center to win?
How do we find out if we have won prizes?
What are the tournament rules?

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