Rules of Competition

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur adheres to USGA Rules of Golf and the World Handicap System requirements. Players are welcome to download the USGA “Rules of Golf App” to become familiar with all rules of tournament play. Below is a list of general rules specific to the tournament.

Participants will compete within their pre-assigned flights in a 72-hole, individual net stroke play competition. One completed round will constitute a tournament. Play will be governed by USGA rules, any local course rules and the Hard Card.

Monday through Thursday tournament rounds will commence with a 8:30AM shotgun start each morning. The Friday Championship Round will be a 7:30AM to 9:30AM double tee start.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to be prompt. A player missing the start by more than 5 minutes will be disqualified.

Scorecards shall be kept in accordance with rule 3.3b in the USGA’s “Scoring in Stroke Play.” Exchange scorecards with the other players in your group. Competitors must use the Official Tournament Scorecard given to you by the Committee. Scorecards must be signed by the marker and the competitor. Any player not handing in their scorecard immediately following the round, changing attested scores, leaving the golf course with the official scorecard, or failing to sign the scorecard will be disqualified.

The one ball rule will not be in effect for the championship. All equipment used during the event must be USGA conforming. It is the player’s responsibility to determine conformity. Any player using non-conforming equipment will be subject to disqualification. Electronic Measuring Devices will be allowed during play, as long they measure distance only.

All participants competing in a net division are required to maintain a World Handicap System affiliated handicap that was established PRIOR to August 14, 2022. The World Am handicap committee meets each day to aggressively monitor and review participants handicaps. For a complete overview of the World Amateur Golf Championship handicap process, we invite you to click here.

Ties will only be broken for competitors tied for first place within the flight. If two or more players are tied for first place at the completion of all completed tournament rounds, all such players advance to the “Flight Winners Playoff Round” which will also act as an 18-hole playoff. The lowest 18-hole net score wins the playoff. If a tie still exists for first place, the back nine net scores from the playoff will be used and then the front nine net scores if necessary. If a tie still exists, the last completed tournament round will be used, and so on until the tie for first place is broken. If the “Flight Winners Playoff” round is cancelled or not completed, all players tied will be considered tied for first place for the tournament.

Prize payout for ties will be split. For example, if the published 2nd place prize is $200 and 3rd place prize is $100 and two players are tied for second place, each player would split the total of second and third place prizing of $300 for a gift card of $150 each. If three players were tied for second place, the prizing amount for second place thru fourth place would then be totaled and split equally.

Caddies & spectators are not permitted.

*Spectators will be permitted at the Final Round on Friday ONLY*

Bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play. However, a player may discontinue play if he/she believes there is danger from lighting. 

In the event of inclement weather, please report to your assigned course. The delaying or cancellation of a round will be determined by the host facility. 

In the event of a round cancellation, the standings of the flights affected will be decided using the completed tournament rounds. One completed tournament round will constitute a tournament. No refunds will be made if the tournament is canceled or shortened due to weather, nature or act of God. You are welcome to call your host golf facility for an update using the phone number provided on the golf course directions/area map.

Collared shirt/mock necks are required. No jeans, denims, jogging outfits or sweat pants are permitted. Swearing, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, lack of etiquette may result in disqualification.

COVID-19 UPDATE – tournament staff reserves the right to remove any participant not abiding by local mandates or general disregard for the well being of themselves and fellow participants without refund.

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Tournament Committee reserves the right to decline participation or remove a participant from the event as a result of behavior deemed detrimental to the tournament, participants, staff, volunteers or sponsors as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to remove that participant from the tournament before or during the event, without refund and not allow that individual to participate in any future Golf Tourism Solutions operated events.

Since initially organizing the Event, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, and the Organizer has modified certain of the activities typically sponsored by the Organizer in association with the Event in an effort to continue the Event while complying with CDC and SCDHEC guidelines.  Nonetheless, exposure to and infection by the COVID-19 virus remain a real and actual risk to participants, patrons, workers, and volunteers alike, and neither the Organizer nor any Golf Course, PGATSS, or MBCC can guarantee that a participant, patron, vendor, worker, or volunteer will not be exposed to or infected by the COVID-19 virus and/or other similar conditions (collectively, “the Virus”).

The Organizer has undertaken to ensure that all individuals who participate in the Event, whether a patron attending the Event, participant playing in the Event, or a sponsor, vendor, worker or volunteer working at the Event (collectively, the “Participants”), do so pursuant to CDC and SCDHEC standards (“the Guidelines”). 

Moreover, the Organizer is only willing to continue the Event on the condition that all Participants a) represent that they are safe to participate, b) acknowledge the risks associated with such participation, c) adhere to the Guidelines, and d) assume all risk of exposure to and infection by the Virus while participating in the Event.

            Therefore, in consideration for the foregoing, the Participant hereby represents, acknowledges, and agrees that he/she:

1. Is not infected with the Virus and has not been in contact with anyone who has contracted the Virus within the last ten (10) days.
2. Has not experienced any symptoms associated with the Virus within the last ten (10) days preceding the Event, including fever, chills, loss of appetite, smell, or taste, headaches, and the like.
3. Agrees to take reasonable measures to protect him/herself from exposure to the Virus while at the Event, including social distancing, wearing a face mask, and following the Guidelines.
4. Understands that, despite the Organizer’s, MBCC’s, PGATSS’s, and Golf Courses’ best practices, neither can guarantee the safety of the Participants or that the Event will be Virus-free, and that the risk of being exposed to and contracting the Virus while engaging in such participation at the Event is real and actual.
5. Assumes all risk of exposure to and infection by the Virus, and accepts sole responsibility for and any illness, injury, death, expense, loss, or other damage experienced by him/herself as the result of being exposed to or infected by the Virus (“Claims”).
6. Agrees not to sue, and forever releases, discharges, and holds harmless the Organizer, its officers, agents, representatives, and employees/independent contractors, together with the hosting Golf Courses, PGATSS, MBCC and their respective officers, agents, representatives, and employees/independent contractors, together with all volunteers, from any and all Claims arising out of or related to my participation in the Event.

Registration in the event is an acknowledgement and understanding of these risks. At a date near the event an additional liability waiver may be required by all participants.

It may be a competition, but you should still HAVE FUN! It’s the everyman’s major for a reason. We invite you to play with the idea that no matter what happens, you’ll depart ready to plan your next time back with all the new friends you’ve made. So go out, try to him ’em straight… but above all else, enjoy yourself!


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