Handicap Information

The Handicap Committee prides itself on being the most progressive and diligent team to monitor and actively police the WHS Handicap Indexes of any player who is eligible to win a prize. Below is more information on how we accomplish this both leading up to and during the event.

Submitting your index accurately and on-time will allow the committee to flight you in a timely manner. Lack thereof can result in being deemed ineligible to win prizes. Please read below a list of important dates to keep in mind after you’ve registered.

  • in June  – *or within 1 week of your registration after*, you’ll receive a ‘WHS verification’ form to verify you keep a valid and accepted handicap. Those unable to complete this form need to contact tournament staff immediately. Those who fail to establish a WHS approved handicap by August 16th may be deemed ineligible for prizes.
  • July – All participants should have an established handicap prior to this time. If you do not maintain a WHS approved handicap, you can always request one from us for FREE! Those requesting an index after August 6th, tournament staff will do everything they can to help you obtain one, but being this close to the event may not be able to offer the free service.  
  • August 15th – All scores must be posted to your WHS approved handicap to be utilized for the event.
  • August 16th – All WHS participant handicaps are requested via e-mail.
    • Once registered, this is the most important date to know! Handicap submissions require a timely response. Filling out your WHS verification form earlier in the year is not a substitute for this form. If you are unable to use a computer at this time it is recommended you contact staff ahead of time.
  • August 18th – All WHS participant handicaps are due back by August 18th. If you have not completed the form by this time, you may be ineligible for any prizes at the event.

For a full list of dates and details, visit our event schedule page.

The Handicap Committee may assign a Tournament Index that is lower than your WHS index if the entrant has: 1) a lack of sufficient score history (see details), 2) a past player ‘World Am index’, 3) has finished in the top 5 in each of the past two years (see details) or 4) has a lower index in the past 12 months. All handicap division competitors will play at an index no higher than their lowest 12 month index dating back to August 16, 2020 (there was a typo in a former handicap form which erroneously stated dating back to Jan. 1, 2021, this is not accurate).

The maximum handicap for men is 36.4 and the maximum handicap for ladies is 40.4 in the World Am event.

All players competing in a net division must have a WHS handicap. A player is ineligible to compete for prizes if the entrant 1) does not have an approved handicap, 2) does not agree to the rules of competition or 3) handicap is deemed not a proper reflection of their playing potential (see ‘committee’)

Participants without handicaps may play without eligibility for prizing in a handicapped flight or in a non handicapped division such as Gross or the ‘Just For Fun‘ flight.

Be familiar with the handicapping system, just as you are with the Rules of Golf.

  • A handicap reflects all scores regardless of the course conditions.
  • Notify officials of handicap changes prior to the event.
  • Have an approved handicap established as soon as possible but absolutely no later than August 15th, 2021.
  • Past players have index history and may be utilized; but is not a substitute for keeping an index.
  • Indexes can be adjusted if scores are exceptional. Adjustments are computerized, retroactive, and applied to all tournament rounds. Adjustments are not required to have a handicap be deemed inaccurate.
  • Submitting inaccurate information, regardless of intent; is grounds for ineligibility.
  • All tournament rounds should be posted by the player. The committee will not post your rounds on your behalf.
  • All tournament committee decisions are final.

If you have an internet handicap, make sure it is WHS approved. Simply registering for a service is not becoming a part of a member club. Once a part of an Internet handicap service, you MUST join one of their member clubs in your online community. Non-approved online WHS handicaps will not be accepted.

Acceptable online services include, but are not limited to: GHIN, The Grint, USHandicap, Golfnet, MyScorecard, BlueGolf, Golf.com Handicap Tracker (powered by Golfnet), GHIN EClubs.

Not acceptable online services include, but are not limited to: GolfHandicapNetwork, GolfSoftware (with GSID#), NetHandicap, DiabloGolf, PlayerLink, Fairway Files, Golf Channel Am Tour Tournament Indexes, GolfWeek Am Tour Tournament Indexes.

If your service is not listed please contact us to inquire at 1-800-833-8798.

International handicaps that are not WHS approved are reviewed on an individual basis. The participant may need to provide a recent scoring history to the Handicap Committee (score history must include last 20 rounds).

The handicap committee meets daily to aggressively monitor and review participants handicaps. Prior to releasing scores, the committee and automated computer system reviews top players’ score history and reaches one of three outcomes:

  • Let the player continue to play in the competition without adjustment.
  • Adjust the players’ handicap lower and retroactively adjust prior scores.*, **
  • Deem the player ineligible for competition prizes, without refund or appeal.**

Players deemed ineligible for prizes for rules / handicapping issues are welcome to play all forthcoming rounds.

*Adjustments are computerized and not up for committee review.

**All committee decisions are final. An adjustment is not necessary to be deemed ineligible for prizes. All scores are unofficial until Thursday’s flight sheet has been publicized.

The Flight Winner’s Playoff handicap index will be the best two differentials from Round 1-4 averaged OR the incoming tournament index, whichever is lower. The required standard WHS handicapping will be in play once the Championship Round handicap index is determined.


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