Gross Division

Think you’ve got what it takes? Gross division options at the World Amateur include Men’s Gross and Senior Men 50+ Gross. Compete in a PGA TOUR style event in which all participants play from the same championship tee boxes without a handicap. Challenge yourself to 72 holes of stroke play on four different courses along the Grand Strand.

What's at stake?

The top three finishers of each gross division will get a chance to play on Friday’s Championship round for the chance to be crowned the World Amateur Gross Champion. 

The Gross and Sr. Gross Champions will be exempted to participate in the prestigious Dixie Amateur

Gross Division Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all results are submitted to WAGR for points.

There is no maximum or minimum, but we strive to have 96 players.

The minimum age for the Senior Gross division is 50. There is no minimum or maximum for Men’s Gross.

E.G. A 55 year old man can play in the Men’s Gross Division.

All Men’s Gross participants will play championship tees between 6,600-7,100 yards. The Senior Gross participants will play tees between 6,400 – 6,900 yards.

No. All participants will play in either a Men’s Gross Division or Senior Men 50+ division.

Yes, please contact tournament staff to change your registration to gross. Likewise, you can also switch from gross back to handicapped play prior to August 17th.

No, you may only compete in one division.

Because all competitors in their respective Gross Division that qualify for the Championship Round Friday played the same 72-holes previously, scores will NOT be reset and serve as a 90-hole cumulative tournament.

No. However we do ask that all players in the gross division be the equivalent of a 7 handicap or better.

Gross Divisions are subject to participation. If 45 players are not attained in either division all players will automatically be assigned the closest net division in relation to gender, age and handicap.


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