Net Handicap Divisions

The Main Event

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the World Amateur Handicap Championship winner? Every golfer has the chance to compete for the title, you just need a handicap! 

Take on the challenge of 72 holes of net stroke play, win your flight, head to the Championship Round on Friday at Grande Dunes and leave it all on the course for a chance to be crowned Champion. 

What's at stake?

First place & ties of each net flight will get a chance to play on Friday’s Championship round at Grande Dunes Resort for the chance to be crowned a World Amateur Handicap Champion. 

Net Division Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum Handicap Index® however the maximum Handicap Index® allowed to participate is a 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women. If you maintain an index higher than those limits, it will be reduced to meet the requirements.

Players will have two handicap forms e-mailed to them. 

The purpose of the first form is to confirm your Handicap Index® is approved and valid to be used at the event. This form will be emailed to participants in the summer.  If you are unable to answer any of the questions on this form, stop and call tournament staff to ensure you have a valid index.  

The second form will be for participants to submit their handicap index for the event.  This handicap verification from is sent on August 12th, 2024. Failure to submit your Handicap Index® by the deadline on August 15th, 2024 can result in a player being made ineligible for prizes at the event. 

A handicap must be recognized by the player’s corresponding USGA Allied Golf Association to be officially approved.  If you have a question or concern about whether your handicap is officially approved and valid for the event just give our staff a call and we can let you know. 

The tournament consists of eleven divisions. The default age group you will play in is your age at the start of the tournament. IE. If you are 59 and you will turn 60 on August 31st (after the start of the tournament) you will be placed in the Senior Men division (ages 50-59).

Net Divisions:


  • Men (49 and under)
  • Senior Men (50-59)
  • Mid-Senior Men (60-69)
  • Super Senior Men (70-79)
  • Seasoned Seniors (80+)


  • Women (59 and under)
  • Senior Women (60+)


  • Gross (all ages)
  • Senior Gross (50+)
  • Mid Senior Gross (60+)
  • Women’s Gross (all ages)

Just for Fun! (no scores/handicaps)

Within each handicap division, players are placed in flights of similar Handicap Index® golfers, based upon their tournament handicap index.

Flights are broken down first by gender, then by age and then by Handicap Index®. Flights will vary from 30-50 players each depending on division breakdowns.

Handicap ranges within flights are based on participation.  Handicap Index® ranges with flights will vary from one flight to the next.  Some flight ranges can be very close together for example Men, 60-69 years old, may consist of Handicap Index® between 11.2-11.7, while the Men 49 & Under may range from 0-6 handicaps. The more popular the age group and handicap, the more closely knit the handicap range will be.  Exact handicap ranges are unknown until the event has been flighted at which point all of the ranges are posted.


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