For the first time we will offer a flight for those who wish to compete "Just For Fun". This flight will not require a handicap or anything other than a few golf clubs and your best attitude!

This flight is great for players who don't keep a handicap, juniors, mixed couples, friends who want to play together, or those who just can't seem to find the bottom of the cup!
No scores, no handicaps, just pure FUN!

If you are interested in playing in in the 'JFF' Flight, please contact tournament staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players are in the division?
How do I sign up?
Can I be paired with my friends?
Is there a minimum age / gender requirement?
What tees can I expect to play from?
I've already signed up for the handicapped division, can I switch?
Are there prizes?

*Division is subject to participation. If 45 players are not attained in either division all players will automatically be assigned the closest net division in relation to gender, age and handicap.*

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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