10 Things You Have to do Before the World’s Largest 19th Hole Closes

The World Am is an event we all – players and tournament staff – look forward to all year. It’s a gathering of friends, a chance to test yourself under tournament conditions, and perhaps most of all, it’s a celebration of the game.

When tournament week gets here, it goes by in a flash, even when the weather is less than ideal in the event’s opening days.

As flight play comes to an end and everyone prepares to close down the World’s Largest 19th Hole for the final time, here are 10 things you need to do before closing time:

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  1. Poke your head in the ballroom and join the celebration with the East Coast Party Band, a tournament favorite. The atmosphere will be lively and the dance floor full.
  2. Try to make the long putt and secure your spot in tonight’s $25,000 putt-off and the same applies for the chipping area.
  3. Say thank you to our exhibitors and volunteers, who help make the 19th Hole what it is.
  4. Take a picture with a couple new friends. If the last couple years have taught us nothing else, it’s important to enjoy the good times and savor the memories.
  5. Get a quick massage – it will help make the trip home a little more comfortable.
  6. DJ Hek Yeh! is here so stop by the mainstage – he is just off the left side – and make a request.
  7. Visit the tournament merch store and buy an extra shirt, hat, whiskey glass or any of the other assorted items left over from this and previous year’s events.
  8. Get a cup of Friendly’s ice cream!
  9. Wish all the participants in tomorrow’s World Championship Playoff the best of luck.
  10. Say your goodbyes and start looking forward to next year, the event’s 40th anniversary!!!

Most importantly, have a great evening and travel safely on your way home.


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