2020 Bracket Challenge: Round 2

Blackmoor Golf Club

I think we can all say that we would have preferred having the actual March Madness we are accustomed to at this time of year, but hopefully you all enjoyed picking your favorite courses in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Bracket Challenge.  As we get ready for the second round of picking courses, we wanted to take a moment to review some of the closer matchups and highlight the featured upcoming matchups still ahead.

Round One Thrillers

Tradition vs Legends Moorland: Tradition was matched up against Legends Moorland and was the closest matchup in the first round.  Maybe it was the larger landing areas off the tee at Tradition mixed with how hard the Legends Moorland course can play for some, but Legends was able to barely sneak by in this close matchup.

Long Bay vs Arrowhead: The Jack Nicklaus Long Bay design was matched up against the 27 Hole facility at Arrowhead and was another tough choice for players.  Arrowhead’s scenic views along the waterway are one of the many parts of the course participants seem to love.  Long Bay’s difficult par 3’s, deep bunkers and unusual mounding around the course seem to be favorite of the players as it squeaked by in this matchup.

Rivers Edge vs Legends Heathland: We all know why this was such a touch choice for players.  The Heathland course at Legends Resort is one of three courses located on property and the links like feel of this par 71 is one that players always seem to enjoy. But the wetlands, views and unique hole designs at Rivers Edge were able to find a way to be players favorites in this matchup.

Blackmoor vs Willbrook: Both located on the south end of the Grand Strand, we all love the look of the weeping willow trees scattered along the edge of the water mixed with the view of the giant oak trees that surround Willbrook.  Blackmoor includes one of everyone’s favorite short par 4’s in golf that leave us with the ultimate risk reward. Choose a side of a split fairway where you can play it safe or go up the narrow alley with an attempt to drive the green. Blackmoor came away slightly with a tight win.

Round 2 Featured Matchups

Hole #18
Heritage Club
Hole #13
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Tidewater vs Heritage: Are you kidding me, this match screams hide your ballots!  Don’t share your answer with anyone because no matter which course you pick someone is bound to disagree with your choice.  Tidewater is one of the best layouts in the area with a combination of difficult treelined fairways matched with holes that showcase the intracoastal waterway and marshes.  Heritage exhibits everything the low country is all about the second you pull into the property.  A truly majestic layout that includes giant oak trees with spanish moss hanging from the limbs all over the place.  Good luck picking your favorite in this matchup. One of them will be able to win.

Pawleys Plantation
Hole #13
Hole #18
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Pawleys Plantation vs Prestwick: For those of you who like a challenge picking one of these courses as your favorite is only one of many challenges the two courses bring to the table.  Pawleys Plantation’s front nine is as narrow and they come with treelined fairways. The back nine goes out on the Marsh and features an island green that will just ruin your round if you miss the green.  Prestwick on the other hand opens with two long and extremely difficult par 4’s to get you off and running prior to reaching the back that will challenge golfers of any ability.  Prestwick consistently features true, quick greens that are a challenge without the difficult layout to go along with it.  These two courses are all around great layouts.

Pine Lakes
Hole #12
Kings North
Hole #6
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Kings North vs Pine Lakes: Are you going to go with the featured course at Myrtle Beach National that gets its name “Kings North” from its designer all time great Arnold Palmer, or are you going with the area’s first golf course where Sports Illustrated was founded?  Kings North brings its own sets of challenges with the famous gambler hole as well as the finishing hole with a million bunkers.  Pine Lakes is narrow and even with the all the renovations that have been done to the course over the years it has that feel of what golf was, and is, truly all about.  Which course would you rather play?

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Round of 32April 9, 2020
Round of 16April 14, 2020
Elite EightApril 17, 2020
Final FourApril 21, 2020
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