Exhibitor Spotlight: Double Bogey Golf Towel, SuperSpeed Golf and EZ Mag Cart Cover

By Rick Limpert, Special to MyrtleBeachWorldAmateur.comSuper Speed

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur and the World’s Largest 19th is proud to have some of the top golf apparel, club and accessory manufacturers and retailers in Myrtle Beach each year to show off their wares to the 3000+ golfers and their guests each year at the World’s Largest 19th Hole Expo. The World’s Largest 19th Hole is known as the world’s largest golf tournament party, but it’s also part expo and trade show. It covers a large section of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center giving World Am golfers and other attendees a chance to see the latest golf products and all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

SuperSpeed Golf
Improve your golf game with the SuperSpeed Golf training system. SuperSpeed Golf offers different training clubs that will help golfer’s increase their swing speed. Overspeed is when a golfer moves their body at higher-than-normal speeds. SuperSpeed gives an Overspeed workout that requires golfers to swing as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of swinging with their standard driver. SuperSpeed training protocols activate  muscular motor units in synchronized patterns and recruit new motor units within the same muscle. Give SuperSpeed a try on the 19th Hole expo floor or see them online at www.superspeedgolf.com.

The Double Bogey Golf Towel
Trust me, you don’t want to hear the words, “Double Bogey” on a golf course unless you are talking about The Double Bogey Golf Towel. Available for $4.95 at the World’s Largest 19th Hole, the Double Bogey is a double-sided and scratch-free scrubbing and rubbing towel on the front and an absorbent cloth of drying on the back. It can remove grass, mud and sand from your irons, wedges and balls. It’s machine washable and dryable and it clips right onto your golf bag. It also works for cleaning all the debris off your shoes. The best bargain at the World’s Largest 19th Hole.

EZ Mag Golf Cart Covers
If you are among the growing number of golfers and Americans that own a golf cart, you need to consider an EZ Mag Golf Cart Cover. See the demo on the expo floor, but all you need to know  \is that the EZ Mag Cart Cover has has a strip of powerful magnets replacing the traditional zippers on both the driver and passenger doors making this cover the premium golf cart cover on the market!It is designed to fit most popular two passenger golf carts like EZ Go, Club Car and Yamaha. It’s easy to install and comes with large storage bag for safe keeping. Visit www.ezmaggolfcartcovers.com.


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