Best Short Par 4’s of World Am


We take a moment to preview some of our favorite short par 4’s to be featured among the 58 host golf facilities. Let’s get started!

TPC Myrtle Beach
Hole #12

Hole 12 •  TPC Myrtle Beach • 333 yards

333 yards to the hole, easy par-4 right? Not this one. This perfectly executed hole by Tom Fazio at TPC Myrtle Beach forces a player to make a choice; a smart 4 iron or go for the shortest approach shot possible… Pop an iron to the fairway, wedge it close, make the putt. It seems simple enough. Many opt for the driver and leave themselves a tricky length flip wedge. The choice is yours.

Barefoot Resort - Love Course
Hole #4

Hole 4 • Barefoot Love • 296 yards

Not your typical risk reward short par 4  hole, but a signature hole for this Davis Love III design. Those not quite making the green can bail short or right. Steer clear of the false front on the left hand side of the green on your short approach. For the big hitters questioning 3-wood vs. driver, don’t be afraid of the big stick thanks to a man made backstop behind the green. These plantation replica ruins offer a beautiful landscape in addition to a minor safety net. Leaving this hole without making birdie will feel like a stroke was left behind. This is a beautiful hole of golf.

Wild Wing Avocet
Hole #14

Hole 14 • Wild Wing Plantation • 308 yards

A safe play to the left side of the fairway nets most players an easy par. But fire a driver over the water and an easy up & down could be in your future. This green is not well protected and even has a separate landing area for the common miss short.

Myrtle Beach National - Kings North
Hole #3

Hole 3 • Myrtle Beach National Kings North • 365 yards

If you’ve ever laid up on a 360 yard par 4 with a 3-iron and snap hooked it into the water when you were trying to be safe, this hole is your nemesis. A dog leg left shortens this hole dramatically as the crow flies. This hole begs you to take out the driver. Let’s face it, you’re just as likely to make a birdie from wherever you land with a driver as you would the safe play.

Glen Dornoch
Hole #3

Hole 3 • Glen Dornoch • 300 yards

If you play a fade, stop reading. This hole is designed for a slight draw. The common bail out to the right will not hurt you and can easily result in a birdie. But put that slight draw on your tee ball and a 2-putt birdie makes your life a lot easier.

Hole #8

Hole 8 • Blackmoor • 370 yards

Arguably the crowd favorite, one of the most unique golf holes you’ll see in Myrtle Beach. Technically 370 yards, Blackmoor’s 8th Hole is a short par 4 that features a truly one-of-a-kind feel as the player is given two very distinct fairways divided by a forest. The first option presents the hole, straight shot, only 270 yards away like a long Par 3. The problem is this “fairway” is only about as wide as your driveway, so you need to stripe it if you want the look at eagle. The second option is the much safer route, 370 yards that doglegs right to the hole. Two placement shots and you can still grab the easy birdie, but where’s the fun in that?


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