By the Numbers: An Overview

The World Am, much like the marketplace it is hosted in, is often considered a microcosm of the golf industry. When golf rounds in Myrtle Beach are up, often times they are up around the nation. If TaylorMade represents 50% of marketshare in the metal woods, you’ll often see that same number among players at World Am!

So what happens when you get 3,000+ golfers together for the World’s Largest golf tournament? A whole lot of data that is comparable to the golfing population as a whole. In what is the start of a multi-part series, we’re going to take a look at some of those numbers from the 2019 tournament.

2019 Count of Player Index

Let’s get started! The 2019 tournament featured:

    • 219,978 recorded holes
    • 8,015 birdies
      • 3.6% of recorded holes
    • 501 eagles
      • .23% of recorded holes
    • Average gross score: 91.5
    • 5.08 score per hole
    • 11 Hole in Ones
    • Average tournament index 12.7
    • Median tournament index 11.8
    • Mode tournament index 9.8
      • 133 golfers with this exact index

Due to ‘Just For Fun’ and other factors, not all registered participant scores are documented.

2019 Hole In Ones

JohnClintonMyrtlewood Pine Hills4#17
PaulKeuchLegends Moorland4#17
GaryRobideauHeritage Club2#11
MikeSigmonCrown Park3#13
DarrylTaylorWild Wing Plantation1#5
RobertTrimperLions Paw1#3
CharlesWadeMBN - South Creek1#13
DavidWadeGrande Dunes3#2

Facebook Trivia

Happen to catch our Facebook trivia question? We asked how many total strokes were recorded at the 2019 tournament. The correct answer is 1,118,467 total strokes. Congratulations to Henry Z. who guessed 1,116,240 strokes. You’ve won a Garmin GPS Watch. (Be sure to check back next week for our next trivia question.)

Let’s keep it going! How about some geographical data? Where are the avid golfers of the World coming from?

2019 Map of Player Participation

Annually, the tournament usually features 49 states (Alaska was holding out for so long we had to do a sweepstakes!) and over 20 foreign countries. In 2019, the leading states were North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida & Texas. If we look a bit closer, popular pockets include Crossville, TN among other small golfing towns throughout the U.S.A!

A special shoutout to each of these places for spreading the word about the World Am!

2019 Top 5 Zip Codes Represented

Crossville, TN14
Columbia, SC10
The Villages, FL10
Katy, TX8
Missouri City, TX8
Conroe, TX8

excludes zip codes in Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick Counties

2019 Top 5 States Represented

State2019 Players
South Carolina313
North Carolina289

Wild Card

Your wild card stat of the day is draft beers consumed at the 19th Hole: 16,830. Cheers, and thanks to our favorite beverage of the 19th hole, Michelob Ultra!

We hope you enjoyed this initial deep dive into the numbers at the ‘Everyman’s US Open’. We’ll be back again soon with another in-depth look at a variety of statistical aspects of the World’s Largest Amateur golf tournament!


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