How to Find Your Low 12 Month Index

On August 15th, the World Am handicap committee will begin requesting information from you about your handicap index.

You may have previously submitted club verification info to tournament staff, however, that was simply to confirm your index will be valid to utilize come this time frame! We ask you please submit this information in a timely manner as it is due back at 5PM the day after you receive it!

This blog is to assist you in finding the most critical piece of information asked of you. That is your Lowest 12 Month Index (dating back to September 1, 2018). It is different for all services, so we’ve compiled a brief tutorial video for the three most popular ones! If you can’t find yours, we suggest you call us to fill out your handicap paperwork over the phone.

GHIN Tutorial:

GHIN is utilized by the following associations:

  • Alabama Golf Association, Alaska Golf Association, Arizona Golf Association, Arkansas State Golf Association
  • Carolinas Golf Association, Colorado Golf Association, Connecticut State Golf Association
  • Florida State Golf Association
  • Georgia State Golf Association
  • Hawaii State Golf Association
  • Idaho Golf Association, Iowa Golf Association
  • Kansas City Golf Association, Kentucky Golf Association
  • Louisiana Golf Association
  • Maine State Golf Association, Massachusetts Golf Association, Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association, Metropolitan Golf Association, Miami Valley Golf Association, Golf Association of Michigan, Minnesota Golf Association, Mississippi Golf Association, Missouri Golf Association
  • Nebraska Golf Association, New Hampshire Golf Association, New Jersey State Golf Association, New York State Golf Association, North Dakota Golf Association, Northern California Golf Association, Northern Nevada Golf Association, Northern Ohio Golf Association
  • Ohio Golf Association, Greater Cincinnati Golf Association, Oklahoma Golf Association, Oregon Golf Association
  • Golf Association of Philadelphia, Puerto Rico Golf Association
  • Rhode Island Golf Association, Rochester District Golf Association
  • South Dakota Golf Association, Southern California Golf Association, Southern Nevada Golf Association, Sun Country Amateur Golf Association
  • Tennessee Golf Association, Texas Golf Association, Toledo District Golf Association
  • Utah Golf Association
  • Vermont Golf Association, Virginia State Golf Association
  • Washington State Golf Association, West Virginia Golf Association, Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, Wyoming State Golf Association

Golfnet Tutorial:

Golfnet is utilized by the following associations:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Golf Association of Florida
  • Keystone Pennsylvania 
  • Montana Tutorial is utilized by players who choose to keep their index strictly online. Many World Am participants utilize this service as it is provided free of charge to all registered players it they choose to take advantage of this service.

There are services that DO NOT provide this information. Those handicap indexes are subject to a reduction and cannot be submitted online. These services include but are not limited to:  NetHandicap.

Not accepted services include but are not limited to: PlayerLink, Fairway Files, Golf Channel Am Tour Tournament Indexes, GolfWeek Am Tour Tournament Indexes.


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