Most Difficult Holes at World Am

Hole 9 – Rivers Edge
570 yards – Par 5

This hole makes the difficult hole list even though it’s a par 5.  Usually nothing more than a welcome site for what we call a fake birdie around the office (go for it in 2 and find a way to leave with a four rather easily).  That is not the case with this par 5. You have the option to go for it in two as it appears to welcome your shot from out in the fairway but you have to be crazy to go for it.  The green has water short, long, left so the green is anything but accessible.  The depth of the green from the approach angle is so short that you’d be wise to lay up. Your third, if you perfected the lay up, is still a 80-100 yard wedge shot to a green no more than 15 paces wide. 

Rivers Edge #9

Hole 15 – TPC Myrtle Beach
455 yards – Par 4

The back nine at TPC is true tournament golf. You can score, but you have to dodge some bullets. Hole 15 is certainly one of those bullets. A force carry tee shot if you want to have a look at the green, and a putting green that every golfer reads a little differently, this par 4 truly tests you from start to finish.

TPC Myrtle Beach #15

Hole 14 – Prestwick Country Club
451 yards – Par 4

The toughest hole on the toughest course on the Grand Strand in some people’s opinions. Many claim it as their favorite course around simply for the challenge, and you can bet Prestwick has a hole that will test even the best. Measuring 451 yards, this par 4 always seems to play closer to 600 yards for most. If you don’t start the hole off with a perfect mash down the middle, you better buckle up because this hole will take your lunch money.  

Prestwick #14

Hole 9 – TPC Myrtle Beach
472 yards – Par 4

It doesn’t really look like much at first glance aside from being a long hole. To get an approach shot between 150 or 200 yards you’ll have to navigate the water on the right hand side.  If you try to bail out a little left, which most will do out of fear of the water, you get blocked out by the tree line making the long second shot to an elevated green almost impossible.  If you hit the green there are no easy putts with movement everywhere on the green and if you are chipping greenside you are way below the hole. 

tpc 9
TPC Myrtle Beach #9

Hole 16 – Glen Dornoch
431 yards – Par 4

This long par 4 also requires less than driver off the tee. Some might say it’s more unfair than difficult. The second shot, with a perfect tee ball will leave you with 170 yards or more of carry to a narrow, well protected green. Miss in any direction and you’re likely to face bogey or worse.

Glen Dornoch #16


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