School Colors on Display at World Am

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The crimson and white, orange and purple, the red and black.

Everywhere you look at the 2014 World Am, you see colors.

School colors that is, as in the colors and logos of one’s favorite college or university on their golf bags, shirts and even a school’s mascot on your headcovers.

World Am School colors“It shows our school pride,” said one of the golfers on Tuesday at the Fazio Course at Barefoot Resort. “Isn’t football season right around the corner?”

Just a quick look around the golf carts at two of the courses hosting play in the 2014 World Am on Tuesday showed golf bags from Clemson, University of South Carolina, University of Alabama and the University of Maryland. Golfers were wearing the logos of the University of Georgia, Ole Miss, and Florida State on their shirts and hats. Headcovers featuring “Bucky Badger” from the University of Wisconsin, a University of Florida Gator and a Tar Heel from North Carolina were also spotted durign Tuesday’s action.

If you are looking to maybe even outfit your clubs in the colors of your school, you should stop by the ClubCrown booth at the 19th Hole. ClubCrown will put a semi-permanent film on your driver, wood, or hybrid in just 10 minutes. The designs and college logs they have are pretty cool.

The college licensing universe is a $4.6 billion industry. Golf makes up a decent part of that.


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