Why does a golf course GM want to play the World Am?

At some point, all of us face the reality that there are more days in the rearview mirror than we have remaining in front of us. It’s sobering but motivating for many.

That was certainly the case for Patrick Dugan, one of the World Am’s first year players.

The Hollywood, Md., native recently turned 60, leading to introspection and the need to check a few items off the bucket list, most especially the World Amateur Handicap Championship.

“You hit 60 and you are looking at the last end of life and you say I’ve gotta do what I’ve got to do,” Dugan said. “This is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

The general manager of Wicomico Shores Golf Club in St. Mary’s County Maryland, Dugan knows several people who have played in the event over the years (For those of you who are wondering, he runs the facility but he isn’t a PGA pro). Given that he owns a timeshare in Myrtle Beach and knows the area well, Dugan decided to take the plunge.

“It’s something everyone that really loves to golf ought to try,” he said.

Even before the tournament started, Dugan, who came down on his own, admitted to a rookie mistake.

“I didn’t realize how much extra stuff there is besides the golf so I made the plan and came down by myself,” he said. “Now, I’m kissing up to my girlfriend because I should have brought her. There is so much fun and things to do even for people who aren’t golfing.”

Beyond his on-course experience, Dugan has taken note of the organizational side of the event.

“In September and October, we have a tournament every Thursday and Friday at my course and all that doesn’t add up to 3,200 people,” he said. “I’m pretty impressed (by the efficiency of the World Am).”

Dugan entered the third round tied for 17th.

“I don’t have to win, but I want to play well and meet people,” he said of this pre-tournament goals. “I look forward to coming back next year.”


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