Winners of Early Drawing Prizes Announced

Entering the 37th Year of the greatest tournament on the planet for the everyday golfer, we look forward to putting on a great show! How do we accomplish that? How about giving away over $10,000 in prizes just for signing up early!

A big thank you to each of the 1,660 early entrants! We’re happy to announce the winners of each prize below. All winners will be contacted directly with more information!

TaylorMade SIM Driver78255PaulFerrette
TaylorMade SIM Driver73932BradGrissom
TaylorMade Spider Putter38664ChuckSAFFELL
TaylorMade Spider Putter41290PandoraCarter
TaylorMade Spider Putter38469EllaMATTHEWS
TaylorMade Spider Putter96677MitchDickman
TaylorMade Spider Putter91663TomHammond
ClubGlove Travel Bag33063JimMCGAHA
ClubGlove Travel Bag42006ErnestStarkey
ClubGlove Travel Bag78351JamieMcDevitt
ClubGlove Travel Bag49572JesseSchmidt
ClubGlove Travel Bag78119MicheleGlowacki-Sheehan
Garmin Approach G1039937ScottRose
Garmin Approach G1047408MattPartlow
Garmin Approach G1076605KeithWay
Garmin Approach G1031922JimmyDAVIS
Garmin Approach G1046449ChrisDyches
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder78277ToddDyson
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder39116GaryStory
NIKON COOLSHOT 20i Rangefinder76038scotthall
Set of Cleveland wedges86288KarlaHulett
Set of Cleveland wedges33467CarolMANN
Set of Cleveland wedges42285HarveyLee
Set of Cleveland wedges33984LeslieHASEGAWA
Set of Cleveland wedges39178HenryZygmunt
Under Armour Duffle Bag39848JimBaxter
Under Armour Duffle Bag34877JohannRUDZITIS
Under Armour Duffle Bag35347ScottBENES
Under Armour Duffle Bag33592RobertFRAAS
Under Armour Duffle Bag39732JosephMcMillan
Under Armour Duffle Bag48361PaulCacciola
Under Armour Duffle Bag39015SandyGINGLES-HARVEY
Under Armour Duffle Bag51696DorysBastidas
Under Armour Duffle Bag77738RobertLa Grassa
Under Armour Duffle Bag48284BobPullen
Under Armour Sunglasses2171PaulCIANCANELLI
Under Armour Sunglasses41487GaryBamberger
Under Armour Sunglasses15837JosephHumphries
Under Armour Sunglasses45507KIMMACE
Under Armour Sunglasses22288PaulZITO
Under Armour Sunglasses65754JoeCasey
Under Armour Sunglasses46483StephenFoster
Under Armour Sunglasses4065LouisFRANICEVICH
Under Armour Sunglasses31822JohnSCHEIRMAN
Under Armour Sunglasses47970LynnRyan
World Am Custom Nexbelt81850MikeCrosby
World Am Custom Nexbelt45254KennethCaldwell
World Am Custom Nexbelt84277MarkSpencer
World Am Custom Nexbelt30050EdHAAS
World Am Custom Nexbelt45580MartinMiner
World Am Custom Nexbelt46971LesDenisar
World Am Custom Nexbelt78062TimothyDuffy
World Am Custom Nexbelt40410AndrewHahn
World Am Custom Nexbelt36841BradleySTAUDER
World Am Custom Nexbelt90382DwaynePope


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