World Am Player Profile: Chris Zaun Loves the Opportunity to Bounce Back

Chris Zaun

Hometown: Medford, N.Y.

World Am Experience: Fourth Year

What prompted you to play in your first World Am?
My parents have a condo in Murrells Inlet so I had heard about (the event) through the PGA Tour Superstore and the Myrtle Beach Passport. It just seemed interesting so I decided to try it

What brought you back?
I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the competition, but I met some great people and I play in the pre- and post-event skins game. It’s a week of vacation that is all golf.

What is your best finish in the World Am?
Last year I was tied for 11th

What is your favorite World Am story?
It’s an amateur tournament so guys aren’t great. People make mistakes. Last year the guy I played with on the first day hit his first tee shot OB in somebody’s backyard. I know the feeling, because I’ve done that before. He made triple bogey on that hole and he wound up winning our flight … it’s just cool. Those are my favorite stories. You know you can make mistake and do okay.

How appealing is the prospect of playing 72 holes of tournament golf?
That’s what I really love the most about (the tournament). It’s four days, it’s 18 holes a day. You can’t let up. You can have a bad round and bounce back.

Do you still get nervous on the first tee?
Last year, I was much more subdued than the first year so I think I’ll be fine this year. Even if I hit a bad shot on the first hole, I have a lot of time to come back

How does the 19th Hole contribute to the World Am experience?
Every year I’ve gone at least three nights. I have a great time. You see a lot of people you play with every day and the people you play with in the skins game, and you get to catch up with them.

What is your favorite Myrtle Beach course?
Probably Caledonia or Heritage.

What is your 2014 course rotation?
Wicked Stick, Heritage, World Tour, Aberdeen

What are you thoughts on Myrtle Beach as a destination?
I love Myrtle Beach. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to golf. There is nothing like Myrtle Beach. There are so many different choices. I love. It.


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