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Secrets of a Vanity Handicapper

Raise your hand if you played high school and/or collegiate golf. Keep it raised if you are still limber, aren't […]

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Golf Trip

The Makings Of A Great Golf Trip

The Makings of a Great Golf Trip So you've been to your local PGA TOUR event, taken that bachelor party […]

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masters memory

The World AM Staff's Favorite Masters Memory

Story time! With the Masters starting tomorrow, we here at the World AM wanted to share with everyone our favorite […]

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World AM Staff Picks For The 2017 Masters

The 2017 Masters is upon us, and with that comes the World AM Staff's picks for who will be donning […]

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topgolf feature

Why TopGolf Is Important For Golf's Future

TopGolf, the premier golf entertainment complex that mixes the game of golf with your local watering hole, is quickly becoming an […]

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Athletes and Their Golf Handicaps

You’ve been asked the question before, “What is your dream foursome?” For me, I’m picking guys like Cal Ripken and Steve […]

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writing on scorecard

Your Handicap, Your Average, And Your Anti-Cap

We all want to play to our handicap in competitions and that is always a goal golfers have in handicap […]

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one man changed the world am

The Time Cory Changed The World... AM

Not all handicap calculation services were created equal. Since the dawn of the internet, hundreds upon hundreds of dot com […]

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caddy on tv

The Time I Was A Caddy For A Week

Part of working in the golf business means you get to meet some very interesting and talented people. There’s one […]

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Phil Mickelson Low 12

Why We Use Your Low 12 Handicap Index

One of the biggest questions we deal with as a staff leading up to an event is "why do you use […]

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cory biz card

Why I'm a Part Of the Golf Industry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece in which I gave out advice on your handicaps despite being a “Non-Golfer”. […]

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Cash Ball and Tees

Gambling and the Game of Golf

Most of us are not great at golf. I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as good. Therefore, I am not able […]

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golf cost of living

Your Golf Cost of Living

The most common statements I get at our smaller tournaments regarding perceived inequity in handicaps is "But you have me […]

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jordan spieth rules

Changes to the Rules of Golf

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how long you have played the game, knowing all of the rules out […]

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Handicap Tips from a Non-Golfer

When I first started working for Golf Holiday back in April of 2014, I came in with no knowledge of […]

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Slow Play: The Death of Golf.

As a tournament organizer and recreational golfer, pace of play is always a hot topic. For as many years as […]

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golf cartoon

Par and Your Handicap

 One of the most recognizable golf terms that we as golfers use both on and off the course is par. […]

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Costco’s New Kirkland Brand Golf Balls Seemingly A Hit

Costco, the wholesale, membership-only warehouse club, has recently released a new golf ball under their Kirkland brand called the Four-Piece […]

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Why My Handicap is Inaccurate

I always try to play well (but not always my best), I post (pretty much) every round and I play […]

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Tired of Losing to Your Spouse?

We all enjoy playing a round of 18 with our spouse. But if you're like most couples in America, the […]

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